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About Concept Care

About Us

Concept Care is one of the fastest-growing NDIS Registered Providers and has been established as a trusted provider of choice. As a leading NDIS Registered Service Provider in Sydney, we are deeply committed to providing the industry benchmark in care support services to the ageing population and those with a disability or injury. Being ACIS 4.0 and ISO 9001 certified means our clients can expect the highest quality care supported by the latest industry and technological innovations.

Our director, Nikhi Gopinathan, is highly qualified and dedicated to ensuring that clients’ needs and wants are fully understood and reflected in their tailored care plans. A dedicated team backs Nikhi, made up of experienced professionals who share our commitment to providing high-quality, compassionate care to our clients.

Each team member is qualified to deliver a range of different services, with their specialities including assistance with personal care, complex and high-needs care. Our goal is to work closely with our clients, their families and their carers to assess each individual’s needs and help them live the life they deserve.

Unmatched Service - Concept Care

Unmatched Service

Our team of highly-skilled professionals is passionate about delivering the best possible care, giving you an unmatched experience.

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Your Choice

Our Care Coordinators are dedicated to truly understanding your needs, preferences, and wants. With this in-depth knowledge, we will craft a care plan tailored specifically for you.

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Control Over Care

You will have complete control over your care services. Concept Care will allow you to maximize the value of your government funding.



Concept Care aim to be a pioneer in person-centered care, by way of, innovative support that allows participants to achieve their goals and personal milestones whilst assisting them to successfully and confidently integrate in their community.



To provide unmatched support to people with disabilities and the elderly.



Our service is underpinned by values intrinsic to our organization – values that each team member carries with them day-to-day.

Our commitment to Responsibility and Accountability drives our team’s passion for excellence. This dedication solidifies the trust between us and our clients.

One of our foremost priorities is a focus on Person-Centred Care. We understand that no two individuals are the same and seek to create tailored plans that meet the requirements of each individual client, conforming to a completely person-centric model.

Concept Care is built on a foundation of compassion and understanding, and we endeavor to apply this to each and every client we interact with.

At our core, we value our clients’ needs and preferences. We strive to honor what matters most to you.


As a passionate team of individuals striving to transform lives, we are bound to deliver quality care to help you or your loved one lead a fulfilling and independent life. With a shared sense of empathy, our multidisciplinary and highly qualified team comes from diverse ethnic backgrounds, which enables us to personalise the support provided.