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Support Coordination

Support Coordination

As dedicated Support Coordinators, we can connect NDIS participants to available support and services within the community. Concept Care will help participants understand their plans and manage their available resources. We can assist by collaborating with people in the participants’ support networks monitoring the progress of plans and supporting the participants as they prepare for their next review meetings. Our passion for enabling participants to engage with their communities and access the best support possible is enhanced by our experienced and qualified staff, who work diligently with our clients to ensure their individual needs are met.

How Support Coordination Works?



In your initial meeting, our Support Coordinator and you will discuss and assess how best to utilize your NDIS plan to best accommodate your needs. At the end of the meeting, a service agreement will be drawn up for you to review and sign. Once the service agreement is signed, we are able to commence support coordination and introduce you to a range of supports and services in the community.


Planning & Implementation

in Your Support Coordinator and you will meet and discuss your goals, needs, and funded supported categories in more detail. as well as, discuss the role of support coordination Adelaide and its limitations, thus allowing us to connect you with the right people, supports, and services.



Once we establish your supports and services, we will actively monitor your goals, needs, and aspirations. NDIS support coordinators will maintain a comprehensive record that can support you during your yearly plan review. Our end goal is to provide you with the skills and confidence to end up managing your own NDIS plan.

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