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As a Support Coordinator we connect participants with an NDIS plan to available supports and services within the community. We:
  • Help you with understanding your NDIS plan;
  • Manage resources to get the most out of your plan;
  • Negotiate services and their pricing;
  • Arrange assessments that are critical in determining the level of support and funding you need;
  • Collaborate with all the people in your support network;
  • Monitor the progress of your plan and your goals; and
  • Assist you with preparing for your next review meeting.

How support coordination works

Stage 1


In your initial meeting our Client Services Manager and you will discuss and assess how best to utilise your NDIS plan to best accommodate your needs. At the end of the meeting, a service agreement will be drawn up for you to review and sign. Once the service agreement is signed, we are able to commence support coordination and introduce you to a range of supports and services in the community.

Stage 2

Planning & Implementation

Your Support Coordinator and you will meet and discuss your goals, needs, funded supported categories in more detail, as well as, discuss the role of support coordination and it’s limitations, thus allowing us to connect you with the right people, supports and services.

Stage 3


Once your supports and services are established, we will monitor your goals, needs and aspirations. We will maintain a detailed record which can be used to support you in your yearly plan review. Our end goal is to provide you with the skills and confidence to end up managing your own NDIS plan.