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What Makes a Good Support Worker?

What Makes a Good Support Worker?

Support worker job where care and support are provided to those who struggle with any physical or mental disability. Since every other person has unique needs, no two days in the life of the care workers are the same. They may find themselves working in diverse settings, including people’s homes, social care centers, health institutions, and more.

The role and responsibilities of a support worker matter most when they are dealing with aged care and disability services. A care worker is someone who can transform and give a new meaning to someone’s life while understanding their personality and the life challenges they face every day. A care worker helps people with disabilities lead their life as independently as they can. It can include everything from providing emotional support, teaching new skills, carrying out their daily tasks, administering their medication, and other healthcare needs. But what makes a good support worker excel in Disability Services? Let’s have a look at the top 5 qualities to look for in a care worker:

A Support Worker Must Have Good Communication Skills

As we all know, communication is key to any working relationship. Hence, your care workers should be willing to listen to you and act upon it. They should not shy away from the topics, but at the same time, they shouldn’t cross any personal boundaries.

Also, people with disabilities use augmentative and alternative communication aids to put across their thoughts. Before hiring caregivers, make sure that they are comfortable with it and experienced with the aids you use or at least willing to learn them.

Must Be Patient and Have a Good Sense of Humor

Patience and a sense of humor are two qualities that a care worker must possess. Because, our society still isn’t that acceptable when it comes to people with disabilities, doing everyday things can turn into a nightmare. For example, browsing through the shops, eating at a restaurant, or communicating with people outside might take more time and effort.

Hence, when you hire a support worker, you must focus on their problem-solving skills. Your care worker must understand your goals and put your well-being at the center of everything. Getting frustrated or bored with their work will be a huge barrier. Also, sometimes a good laugh with your support worker can put away all your worries.

A Support Worker Must Treat You with Respect

Having a support worker should be a blessing, not a curse. If your caregiver doesn’t respect you, it doesn’t make any sense. The relationship between you and your care worker should be respectful. If the support worker doesn’t treat you as an equal, it is time to consider other options.

You must find a care worker who can help you lead your life easily, achieve your goals, and make independent choices.  A good support worker will make sure that your time together is valuable.

A Support Worker Must Be Reliable

Once hired, a caregiver constitutes a crucial part of your life. Hence, they should be committed and accurate to you about their availability, working methods, and responsibilities. They should be punctual, organized, and reliable. 

A Few More Skills to Look for in a care Worker

Some skills that a support worker must attain to work responsibly with people with disabilities include:

  •       Helpful personality, regardless of the condition
  •       Good time management skills
  •       Good listening skills
  •       Must be aware of changing standards and codes of conduct
  •       A team player
  •       Must be empathetic
  •       Must be resilient
  •       Non-Judgmental
  •       Must be calm under pressure in challenging situations
  •       Build positive relationships

Support Workers from Concept Care

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