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Choosing The Right NDIS Approved Service Provider

Choosing The Right NDIS Approved Service Provider

The NDIS is a great initiative, but it is complex and the NDIS journey requires perseverance, time, understanding and persistence to actually benefit from it. Many people find it hard and emotionally draining.

Overcoming these challenges may be difficult – particularly for people with disabilities and the elderly. It’s beneficial for people with disabilities and the elderly to partner with the right registered NDIS approved service provider to help them navigate the NDIS and get the best out of it.

What is an NDIS Registered service provider?

An NDIS registered service provider has been assessed and meets the strict standards of the National disability Insurance Agency.

Some of the core requirements to becoming an NDIS approved provider include:

  • Relevant qualifications;
  • Expertise and experience in order to provide participants with the required level of service;
  • Incident and risk management process to illustrate a satisfactory level of response preparedness; and
  • A complaints management process to ensure any complaints are effectively and properly managed.

Not all NDIS service providers need to be an approved service provider with the NDIA, however, some levels of disability care can only be provided by an approved NDIS provider.

Ultimately, when you select an NDIS service provider, you’ll receive peace of mind that you are receiving quality service that meets Australian standards.

5 things to consider when choosing an NDIS service provider

Ask yourself some of these questions (this is not an exhaustive list) when you meet with your potential NDIS service provider.

1. Does this provider offer the kind of support that I may need?

  • Make a list of the things you may need. Eg gardening, social outings, cooking etc
  • Ask them about the support they can offer

2. How I do feel about this provider?

  • Do they make you feel comfortable?
  • Do they show empathy?
  • Are they approachable?
  • Always trust your gut instinct!

3. What do other people say about this provider

  • Read reviews and testimonials
  • If possible, chat to their clients (always ask for consent!)
  • Visit their social pages to see their community engagement

4. What skills and experience do their support staff have?

  • Find out if they speak your language
  • Ask about cultural alignment if its important to you
  • Always ask questions about your carer – despite their skills and experience, the most important element is how the carer make you feel.

5. Does the provider charge a fair price?

The NDIS service provider rate is not regulated – make sure you understand all the fees and charges.

If you’re unsure about your existing NDIS approved service provider, reach out to the concept care team on 1800 266 237, email us at [email protected] or for an obligation free chat.

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