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Coronavirus: Keeping You Safe At ConceptCare

Coronavirus: Keeping You Safe At ConceptCare

With the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation growing in intensity, we are being asked about the measures Conceptcare has implemented to protect against infection and reduce the spread of the virus.

With all things at Conceptcare, the safety of our clients and staff is paramount. Which means we take all the recommended precautions advised to us.

We have put into practice a management plan that outfits our team with the right supplies and resources. To enable them to continue to do their job at the highest level, while maintaining safety for both their clients and themselves.

Most of our staff must be physically present for their roles and frequently engage in physical contact as well. We aim to be able to continue caring for our clients without compromising their quality of life.

Which is why we not only employ standard precautions for infection control. But also utilise any assessment tools to prepare an effective response plan to coronavirus.

How to Prevent COVID - Concept Care


The immediate actions we are taking at Conceptcare to ensure the safety of staff and clients is mandating every team member to carry personal protection equipment (PPE). PPE consists of:

  • Gloves
  • Apron
  • Hand Sanitiser
  • Shoe Coverings
  • Cleansing Wipes
  • Masks
  • And, other items to protect the transmission of germs through droplets.

Our staff have also been issued with extra PPE in case of an unforeseen issue or emergency.

Additionally, we also advise staff the following:
  • When taking clients out for community access, we recommend they avoid large gatherings in confined spaces where possible.
  • Regularly sanitize mobile phones with wipes.
  • When using public transport, including Uber and taxi’s, wear a mask. At the completion of the journey, sanitise hands thoroughly.

Our team have been trained to monitor for flu-like symptoms, especially with our aged/elderly clients. They will communicate their concerns immediately to family, Conceptcare management, and in the event of acute symptoms, a medical practitioner.

We have also given our team the contact details for the Coronavirus hotline so that they can easily make a report if they have any concerns or queries.

As with standard practices pre-coronavirus, the Conceptcare team will continue to handle clinical waste appropriately to reduce the spread of germs – this includes used dressings, fluids, human tissue and sharps.

In alignment with recommendations from The Department of Health and Human Services, Conceptcare suggests staff and clients observe the following actions so that we can do our part to stop the spread of Coronavirus and other respiratory illnesses.


Tips to Prevent COVID - Concept Care
Practice good hygiene.

Washing your hands regularly and for at least 30 seconds, under warm and soapy running water may seem like a simple act, but it is the number one way to stop the spread of disease. It is essential to wash your hands when you have had contact with people.

Avoid contact with people who are sick.

The recommendation is to avoid people who are showing flu-like symptoms. However, our staff are required to have physical contact with some of our clients, which is why they use PPE. Our team also practice proper hygiene methods when they do have contact with people that show these symptoms, and we recommend clients do too.

Avoid touching your nose, eyes or mouth with unwashed hands.

Again, it’s that first necessary step we are taken back to, but proper hygiene in the form of handwashing is our best defence against germs.

Stay at home when sick.

As with any workplace, we recommend that our staff do not come to work if they are sick, for the safety of other team members and clients. While they may not have Coronavirus, it is best to be cautious for the protection of yourself and others you are in contact with.

Cover your mouth and nose.

For best hygiene practices, it is essential to cover coughs and sneezes to prevent germs from being spread. This is paramount with respiratory diseases such as Coronavirus, and our staff can make use of the PPE resources to clean their hands after.

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